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Refuting Textbook Arguments for Evolution

Part 2

Icons of EvolutionWednesday March 7th, 2018
6:30 - 8:00 PM

Apologetics Symposium
Cedar Park Church
Chapel of the Resurrection
16300 112th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Watch Live Webcast (6:30pm Pacific)


This presentation exposes the flaws and fallacies of common textbook "evidences" for Darwinian evolution based on origin of life experiments, mutations coupled with natural selection, irreducibly complex biological systems, "vestigial" organs, anatomical homology, molecular homology, embryological recapitulation, and the fossil record. The presentation closes by examining known frauds that are still employed in current textbooks to "prove" Darwinian evolution is true.

This presentation is "part 2" of a program that was delivered previously by Dr. Kindell. Watch the video from Part 1

About the Speaker:

Dr. Thomas KindellDr. Thomas Kindell was once an ardent believer in the “fact” of evolution. However, through his exposure to the scientific case for creation, he became a zealous creationist. He has received advanced training in scientific creationism through the Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research in Santee, California. He has been privileged to study under several of the world's most prominent creationist scientists. He also has studied Christian Apologetics and Biblical-Scientific Creationism at California Graduate School of Theology where he received his M.A. in Biblical Studies. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Theology (major in philosophy of Biblical apologetics.) Dr. Kindell is the founder and president of Reasons for Faith Ministries.


Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium is an educational program addressing the conflicts that exist between naturalism and the Biblical worldview. As part of a weekly Wednesday evening series, this program features a different speaker each month. Join us at Cedar Park Church or through our live webcast.

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